Convention programme – workshops

Workshops wil be held at Polytechnic of Zagreb, Vrbik 8a, (first floor), Zagreb, Croatia, Europe

Third day, 17th of May 2013

Marko Lerota: Linux BSD in business environment/ How to switch Cisco with open source technologies

Workshop abstract: Workshop will be split in two parts.

1. How to switch Cisco with BSD
How to create router with NAT
Better than Cisco PIX-a, Open BSD firewall
DHCP server
VPN- if there will be time
2. Consulting part
How to switch other services with open systems (mail, web, backup, share, monitoring
system etc…)

Biography: Marko Lerota is the owner of Claresco IT company which is specialised for open source solutions. He already had a workshop at DORS/CLUC about FreeBSD along with Ivan Voras. Before Claresco Lerota worked at Iskon, Optima and Softnet companies.

Josip Bišćan: Sencha Touch HTML5 apps

Workshop abstract: Goal of this workshop is to introduce attendees with HTML5 apps, their appliance and development with stress on MVC framework Sencha Touch. Through this workshop attendees will be introduced with apps architecture written with Sencha using components for interface development, interface management, connecting API and other elements necessary for app development.

Notifications for workshop: Attendees have to have computer with text editor and installed Python or Ruby in order to run local server. If you have Linux – you have to have LAMP, If you have Windows you have to have XAMPP or WAMP installed. If you have Mac – you have to have MAMP installed……..In one word you have to have local server installed.

Biography: Josip is a web-team leader and partner at Infinum company. He has been programming for almost a decade during which he has worked with several technologies such as ASP and PHP. Today he is an expert for Ruby (on Rails) on server side development. He is also an expert for JavaScript in combination with different frameworks such as Sencha and Backone for client side development.

Dobrica Pavlinušić, Lovro Orešković, Filip Dulić, Dalibor Dosegović:Why should you start playing with hardware? Because you can!

Workshop abstract: This workshop is meant for people who always wanted to play with hardware but they didn’t know from where to begin. As a good start we have chosen Bus Pirate – Dangerous prototypes open hardware project which enables us interaction with other devices, microcontrolers and components which use serial SPI or I2C protocol.
In dependence of attendees interest we can also show how to communicate over 433 Mhz IMS band which is used in remote control, temperature sensors, and other wifi devices around us. We can also show other Dangerous prototypes projects such as Bus Blaster (JTAG for different devices) or Open logic Banch sniffer (logic analyser).

Alex Malinovich, Vlado Herman: Using GitHub and GitHub

Workshop abstract:

There will be small introductory part about  Git and afterwards we will walkthrough attendees with GitHub specific things.